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Features and benefits of zend framework

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Experienced developers claim that using ZendFramework developing web-applications is a better approach than writing your own code. Why? Let’s look at.

Proof of compliance with standards and use the best programming practices:

One of the features of PHP is that it is not certain imprisons developer coding standards. Every experienced PHP-developer eventually comes to their own style of coding and design texts programme. I understand someone else’s program often cause trouble, which is important for the coordinated work of the project team. Relative “softness» PHP to the free coding method sometimes leads to “poor” and potentially vulnerable code.

ZendFramework avoids this danger by offering developers a set of libraries written in compliance with today’s best PHP-programming techniques. The framework offers a standard layout of project files, provides turnkey solutions the most common problems arising in web-programming – is cleaning and checking of input data, etc.. Thus, the construction project on the framework, this leads to the creation of more high-quality code and more secure applications. In addition, it should be noted good documentation ZendFramework, allowing hassle-free to add to the project team for new developers at any stage of its implementation.


ZendFramework implemented with full support for the new object model in PHP version 5.x The architecture of this model, which is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming), encourages developers to write programs based on the reuse of code, thus reducing the time to write duplicate code. It is important for web-applications that have multiple interfaces for data exchange. For example, if you need to add to an existing application in the search interface based on XML, optionally repeating the code logic controller available – the process of adding new functionality to ZendFramework is simple and transparent.


ZendFramework designed for building applications on the Internet. This means that such an application can take advantage of anyone, ie people living in different countries, speak different languages, use different formats in the notation of the date, time and currency. There was a time when the desire to write the developer “friendly” site for visitors from different countries were significant effort and headache. With ZendFramework this can not worry – component ZendLocale language setting controls the component responsible for ZendTranslate multilingual and work with Latin characters, Chinese and other scripts, components and ZendDate ZendCurrency responsible for localized formatting of dates, times, and currency.

Open source

In the financial support of the project the company is actively involved ZendFramework ZendTechnologies. But despite this, ZendFramework is an open source and developed mainly large group of volunteers that fix bugs and add new features. ZendTechnologies officially determines the direction and development of a group of “leading developers” that produce the final product functionality. Thus, the framework is available for use without paying license fees or the need to purchase additional hardware or software.

Extensive community support

Your project using ZendFramework, can easily integrate a Flickr photo galleries or simply maps GoogleMaps-use components and Zend_Service_Flickr Zend_Gdata. Interaction with Flash-application that uses the format AMF (ActionMessageFormat) of Adobe performed using component Zend_Amf. Ability to organize RSS-subscription newsletter legkorealizuetsya component Zend_Feed.

These features are mentioned in order to point out one of the attractive features ZendFramework-use creative forces of hundreds of experienced developers worldwide. ZendFramework includes a plurality of independent components that are used by developers to quickly add new features to your PHP-proekty.Ctochki cost time and effort, this technique of the project is much more preferable in comparison with writing your own code.

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